Quick Launch tool bar in Windows 7 missing?

Rise up this morning…

my wish a rising sun,
three little birds,
is by my door-step….

sorry, got distracted!

Rise up this morning….and my Windows 7even Quick Launch tool bar has disappeared! What?????

I click F1 for help, and a quick browse through help pages reveals “The Quick Launch toolbar isn’t included in this version of widows”!


”What you talking ’bout Willis”?   

Well fear not….if this has happened to you too,
get your Quick Launch tool bar back with this  >> Enable the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7:


However, if you’re a dummy 😉  then go here>> instead!


Turn Navigation Pane On or Off (Expand to Current Folder option) in Windows 7

When you navigate to a folder via Windows Explorer in Windows 7, “Automatically expand to current folder” is Turned Off by default. I find it rather annoying to always have to ‘manually’ expand the Navigation Pane on the left, each time I navigate to, or open a new folder in the right hand pane.NavigationPane_Win7[1]

Fear not…fix is the way…just right-click on an empty space in the Navigation Pane on the left, and click on “Expand to current folder”, this is off by default and clicking on it will turn it on, so when you reload the context menu it will now have a tick next to it, indicating the option is now on:


Check out more on this story here >> : How to Turn Navigation Pane On or Off (Expand to Current Folder) in Windows 7

How to Install Windows Movie Maker 6.0 on Windows 7

If you’d gotten quite used to ‘Windows Movie Maker’ in Windows Vista, you’ll probably notice right away after you start using Windows 7, that the new so-called ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ is pretty crap!!! to put it mildly…

here’s an excellent solution:
How to Install Windows Movie Maker 6.0 on Windows 7

Although as far as I could make out, this depends on you having access somehow, to the old ‘Windows Movie Maker’ files from a Vista machine.

Upgrading Windows Vista sp2 to Windows 7…chronicle…

Finally took the plunge and upgraded my 22 month old win Vista sp2 machine to Windows 7:

Downloaded and installed Windows 7 upgrade advisor….and my PC passes all tests.
(Ran my anti-virus before hand, as advised, and then disabled it before beginning win7 setup)

It went something like this:

Inserted upgrade DVD and clicked on Setup.exe

After selecting the “Upgrade” option (as opposed to “Custom”)…

5-point-menu displayed (Started at 12:30pm):

#1.Copying Windows files

#2.Gathering files, settings & programs.
machine does an auto restart after #2 after 30 mins (1pm)

#3.Expanding Windows files.

#4.Installing features & updates.
after a further 30mins, another auto restart (1:35pm)

#5.Transferring files, settings & programs. (install spends ages upon ages at “694374MB of 949330MB transferred”), then after 62% – 714027MB -(3.39pm) another auto restart.

949073 (72%) copied as of 4pm. …and again, spends ages (30mins) at “949073MB of 949330MB  transferred “!

949330MB, finally done at 4:28pm. Another auto restart!

Resumed with request for vista product key:

Three choice menu
1. Install all latest updates (i.e. use recommended settings)
2. Install only important updates
3. Ask to Install updates later

(I choose option 2)

Date & time setting appears.

Network choices are next:

(4:40pm) Windows 7 logon screen…yea!!! Yeehah!!! Woohoo!!! Yippeee!!!

The very 1st dialog I see after logging on is: “Setup has detected that the .Net framework version 4 needs to be repaired. Do not restart your computer until Setup is complete.”

4:47pm, taskbar finally appears…mousing over the update icon shows “Windows is downloading updates”

4:58pm, yet another auto restart!
“Logging off…” screen is displayed for ages! (13 mins)
I finally give up and push reset button. Had to do this twice as 1st restart appeared to hang on black, blank screen (panic!!!)

Finally, (5:20pm, back at the Win7 desktop….Woohoo!!!)

Every thing seems to be working just fine, as before. So far I’ve hardly had to re-install any of my previous programs, applications, games, device drivers, etc., Swell!

Don’t forget to click on ‘Start Menu’ -> right-click ‘Computer’ -> select ‘Properties’,
(alternatively goto Control Panel->System and Security->System), then under “Windows activation” entering your new product-key and then click to “Activate” your new copy of Windows 7.

Oh, and also don’t forget to re-enable anti-virus.

For anyone having any doubts about upgrading…I say go for it. Hopefully your experience will be fairly painless as mine has been.

PS: I noticed hours later – I did need to re-install Windows Movie Maker (needs to be downloaded and is now part of package called Windows Live Essentials).

Also, strangely enough, I had IE9 installed previously, and this got rolled back to IE8 by the Win 7 install…quite odd!