Opera Bookmarks annoyances

How to enable the Personal Bar:
Open the O Menu
Select “Settings”
Select “Toolbars”Check the check mark for “Personal Bar”


If you want the Bar to show in the old location of the Personal Bar:

Open the “Appearance dialog (Shift + F12) > Toolbars”

Click “Show hidden toolbars while customizing”

Above the Address Bar a Bar appears, click in once to mark it. (A Yellow outline shows around the bar)

Click “Placement” And select “Top” inside the Appearance Dialog

Mark the Bar located below the Address Bar, and choose “Placement Off”
Click OK

The Bar is now shown in the old location.

If you have a specific set of websites you visit often, you can make it easy to open all those websites at once using a bookmarks folder and a nickname. Typing a folder’s nickname in the address bar opens all the websites in that folder.

To do this, create a bookmarks folder, add some sites to it, and apply a nickname to it.

First, bookmark some sites you want to open using a nickname.