Is Windows 10 Spying still a problem?

Here’s a list of what Microsoft collects during a typical Windows Update – basic mode:

Update events


This event sends data during the download request phase of updating Windows.

The following fields are available:

  • ErrorCode The error code returned for the current download request phase.
  • PackageCountTotal Total number of packages needed.
  • PackageCountRequired Number of required packages requested.
  • PackageCountOptional Number of optional packages requested.
  • ObjectId Unique value for each Update Agent mode.
  • SessionId Unique value for each Update Agent mode attempt.
  • ScenarioId The scenario ID. Example: MobileUpdate, DesktopLanguagePack, DesktopFeatureOnDemand, or DesktopDriverUpdate
  • RelatedCV Correlation vector value generated from the latest USO scan.
  • Result Result of the download request phase of update.
  • PackageSizeCanonical Size of canonical packages in bytes
  • PackageSizeDiff Size of diff packages in bytes
  • PackageSizeExpress Size of express packages in bytes
  • FlightId Unique ID for each flight.
  • UpdateId Unique ID for each update.
  • PackageCountTotalCanonical Total number of canonical packages.
  • PackageCountTotalDiff Total number of diff packages.
  • PackageCountTotalExpress Total number of express packages.
  • RangeRequestState Represents the state of the download range request.
  • DeletedCorruptFiles Indicates if UpdateAgent found any corrupt payload files and whether the payload was deleted.

Reddit Source: Does a version of Windows exist that doesn’t spy on you?


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